Extremely safe and secure, yet incredibly affordable.

At Clear.Live, we’re tirelessly dedicated to protecting your data, and we offer outstanding security at prices far less expensive than our competitors. Other services require you to opt-in to enjoy end-to-end protection, but this encryption and many other safety and security features are standard on our platform, with no opting in required. You can count on safe and secure communication every time you use Clear.Live.

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It’s simple. We believe that private conversations should remain private.

We offer communications solutions that you can trust, and our encryption features and security measures mean that every call is secure, every time. Clear.Live was developed by a team of telecom industry veterans determined to create a safe, straightforward and exceptionally secure way to communicate. The result is Clear.Live’s 256-bit encrypted system, which is GDPR, HIPAA and federal government compliant.

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About our authentication methods

Clear.Live offers a variety of standard, always-on authentication methods including SAML token encryption and OAuth open-standard authorization protocol. A variety of other security options including meeting room encryption, waiting rooms and password-based authentication may be switched on or off depending on your security needs and meeting purpose.

When you authenticate with a username and password, you also have the option to enable powerful two-factor authentication as an additional layer of security. You even have the ability to add users to your account automatically from managed domains. Once a managed domain application is approved, all existing and new users with the specified email address domain will be automatically added to your account.

About our standard security features

  • Outstanding always-on protection for meetings and participants
  • Matchless end-to-end 256-bit encryption on every call, all the time

About our additional user-controlled security options

  • Secure meeting room with additional encryption
  • Employ waiting rooms for attendees for additional privacy
  • Utilize meeting passcodes for additional protection
  • Require a host to be present before a meeting begins
  • Expel a participant or all participants, if needed
  • Suspend participant activities
  • Lock a meeting for added protection
  • Use screen share watermarks for added protection
  • Add audio signatures for additional protection
  • Enable/disable a participant or all participants to record
  • Temporarily pause screen-sharing when a new window is opened
  • Only allow individuals with a given email domain to join

Privacy Practices

We will always be honest with you about how we collect and use your data to offer our services.

Global Data Privacy

At Clear.Live, you can count on us to comply with global privacy practices. Our robust data protection and standard privacy practices are integrated into all of our products and procedures.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are committed to helping you navigate the details of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was implemented on May 25, 2018. We employ processes to ensure our compliance with requirements imposed by the GDPR and to help you comply as well. To learn more about our GDPR compliance, please read our GDPR notice.


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Clear.Live’s security protocols provide encryption and additional meeting access safeguards to ensure that your data cannot be intercepted. We offer unique, hyper-secure system configuration solutions specifically crafted for healthcare and government organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Legal and Compliance

Clear.Live complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates. Do you have questions about our terms, policies, and compliance? Visit our legal & compliance details for additional information.

Security By Use

Government Use

Users in the government sector and similar industries shy away from other web conferencing solutions due to concerns about security, hacking and confidentiality.

Clear.Live’s 256-bit encryption ensures that every call is protected.

Government Tools

Telemedicine Use

Doctors, therapists and other health care providers often rely on web conferencing to provide care to patients. Due to HIPPA concerns, they must have access to completely secure tools and solutions. Enter Clear.Live. Our encrypted, secure technology keeps confidential information private. The record feature is hidden in our telemedicine application, and recording may not take place without patient consent.

Medical Industry Tools