Clear.Live was developed by a team of telecom industry veterans determined to create a safe, straightforward and matchlessly secure way to communicate.

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The result is Clear.Live’s 256-bit encrypted system, which is GDPR, HIPAA and Federal Government compliant.


No unwelcome surprises

Our matchless end-to-end encryption means that you take care of business or enjoy a personal conversation privately. Web conferencing is used for many things including business interactions, online learning, legal dealings, medical appointments and personal communication, and we understand that those conversations are often sensitive and should remain private.

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There’s no app to download

Simply access our mobile-compliant web portal to enjoy secure, enhanced web conferencing with premium security features, outstanding tools and exceptional amenities.

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Audio only option

Offering camera-free yet crystal-clear communication combined with all of our other features, our audio-only option is available for times when you don’t want or need to see all call participants.

Whiteboard capabilities

Perfect for idea brainstorming, participant collaboration, sharing information and much more, our whiteboard function enhances your web conferencing call experience.

Recording library

Whether you missed a meeting or simply need to re-review call content, our recording library ensures that you have quick and easy access to clearly-organized call recordings.

Resource center

Need more information on a topic or have a question about how something works? Check out our resource center for answers to questions, product info and more.

Outlook integration

Schedule and manage meetings with ease with our seamless Outlook integration functionality. Flawless performance with both web and desktop apps.

Remote speaker control access

Making meeting management simple, our remote speaker control access allows easy admin selections of the speaker, microphone or camera that is highlighted during a call.

Private meeting chats

Sometimes you don’t need to address an entire call audience. Private meeting chats allow you to address one or a few call participants with questions, feedback, comments and more.

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Industries We Serve

Government Use

Clear.Live’s 256-bit encryption ensures that every call is protected against hacking and is federal government compliant.

Government Tools


Our encrypted, secure technology keeps confidential information private and HIPAA compliant.

Medical Industry Tools


Clear.Live is for everyone, including businesses of all sizes, educational institutions or goverment and financial organizations requiring secure web conferencing.

Standard Tools

Meet in a new way

Enjoy the most secure yet affordable web conferencing tool available today.