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With ClearLive, staying connected has never been easier! Improve your day-to-day with the convenience of residential phone service and high-speed residential internet capabilities that allow you to keep in contact with those most important.

We believe in
straightforward pricing and simple billing

The more users you add, the less you pay. These are our popular break-downs.


$35 one time fee for ATA
(Analog Terminal Adapter)

Free US Domestic Calls Unlimited


Unlimited Domestic Calling Anonymous Call Block
Caller ID Do Not Disturb
Voicemail Outbound Caller ID Block
Call Waiting Call Forwarding
911 Calling Name & Number Delivery
411 Directory Assistance Pioneer’s Telephone Mobile App

premium features
and service

Stay in touch confidently and safely with ClearLive. Our residential phone service is designed to keep you connected all the time with premium features like unlimited domestic calling, voicemail, call waiting, and more!